What does Salt do?

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.42.18Salt builds marketing value – whatever your specific definition of value might be. For agencies or for advertisers, from challenger brands to cash cows, Salt can help develop processes, agency rosters, processes, relationships, remuneration and incentives to deliver against your specific business needs.

Ideas of best practice assume that different businesses have the same challenges and problems. But one size does not fit all. And although you might have great brands and sound strategies, if their working environment or processes are either inappropriate or compromised then they won’t flourish and deliver the returns they ought to.Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.42.22

But reinventing processes from scratch is both expensive and time-consuming. That’s why Salt developed AMPlify, a strategic framework that can efficiently deliver the marketing processes and agency engagement you need, quickly and economically.

The AMPlify strategic framework is applied to everything we do, ensuring our clients get the help they need according to their own specific circumstances.

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Agency sourcing and roster design

As marketing integration increases in complexity so the roles of agency sourcing and roster design become more and more important.

Optimal return on investment relies on having the right agencies with the right roles, responsibilities, relationships, remuneration and incentives, and agency in-fighting can costs their clients time and money.

Salt has a clear step-by-step process that assesses clients’ needs, existing roster resources, practices and behaviours and then delivers clear, tangible and specific steps for improvement.

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Pitch management

For many advertisers, having the right agency is critical to the success of their business, and finding the right agency can be a minefield, so it’s often wise to use an intermediary to help navigate the best and safest course. Too often however, intermediaries can be influenced by existing personal relationships and “flavours of the month” – many even require agencies to pay a subscription or membership fees.

MicroscopeSalt’s approach is entirely objective.

Using the AMPlify strategic framework (hot-link to AMPlify page) , and based on the needs of our clients, Salt efficiently designs short-listing and pitch processes, remuneration and incentives to ensure risk is minimized and value optimized.

The AMPlify framework ensures that both marketing and procurement departments are fully and appropriately engaged so that everybody is working to the same goal: to make the appointment you need to drive your business. We find the right partner with the right talent and the right motivation to deliver against your marketing objectives.

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Agency relationship management

Better relationships make the agency talent upon which you rely more efficient, more motivated and more productive.Chess players

Salt’s client/agency relationship program, Edison, does the same but for your entire agency team.  A diagnostic questionnaire quickly identifies areas for improvement and clear action planning makes the changes happen.

Edison scores the brand teams’ and agencies’ processes and behaviours through a logical cycle of campaign development to identify strengths and also to find areas that may require improvement. The findings translate into action plans that can then be measured in the next then next questionnaire in a process of continuous improvement.

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FencersSalt delivers training programs for brands and agencies across a number of subjects related to the improvement of marketing value.

Salt’s specialised portfolio of training and workshops includes subjects such as negotiation, ways of working, relationship management, working with agencies and much more. Bespoke courses can also be designed and delivered to suit specific needs.

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